Sustainably Crafted Concrete Goods for a healthier more comfortable living!


Concrete Pots + Candles with a fan club

  • Better Root Health

    “Concrete planters provide better insulation for plant roots whereas ceramic planters can affect root health. ” – Olivia S.

  • Healthy Candles

    "Say bye to toxic! We prioritize your health by making our candles sustainable and free from phthalates, lead and dyes” – Jesica H.

  • Recyclable Packaging

    “We are dedicated to reducing waste , which is why our packaging materials are eco friendly and recyclable.

  • We put Human Hands to it

    Our concrete pieces are purposefully designed to bring in character to your home. Concrete acquires a patina over time, including creases from craze cracks and color changes. The mix's inherent characteristics include bubbles, blemishes, and other flaws.

  • Woman Owned Small Business

    Being a small business owner is a tough job but one that we find most rewarding. We know our pieces will elevate your space and look forward to seeing you share your space on our social media #theterracottalife

  • Join the Fan Club

    Plant shops, brick and mortars and boutiques just can't get enough. Whether you're interested in purchasing wholesale or retail. Our Seno boob pots have been a best seller in every category.

  • You're In On The Secret!

    Handmade the old fashioned way! Every batch's secret formula includes a cup of sustainable concrete, water, a teaspoon of Charm, and a dash of character, texture, and hominess. At MTH our philosophy is quite simple, we believe 'a home without Terra-cotta is just meh!.' We offer a plethora of sustainably and consciously made, handcrafted concrete homegoods, candles and accessories for creating a space that's your kind of cozy.

  • The Blueprint + Eureka Moment

    Terracotta Avenue embraces and incorporates the colors and warmth of our natural surroundings into our homes. My terracotta home arose from my move from a 1986 square foot home that I adored to an 856 square foot flat. Life had given me a booty kick in the buttocks, and I was obliged to rebuild from the ground up.
    As I embarked on this adventure, I knew I wanted my home to be warm, earthy, and inviting. I was completely charmed by the variety of these unglazed ceramics after visiting a few outlets. Some were small, some were enormous, but each had a unique texture, narrative, and pattern that pulled me in. That was both the blueprint and the "Eureka!" moment for My Terracotta Home.